Letters from my students and their parents:

"Dear Elizabeth, Even in the few months that Ellen has been coming to you for lessons, we have seen some big changes for the better. She has really gained in confidence in her playing and thus ENJOYS it so much more. It is a tribute to your skill as an instructor!"...Sherri and Jud Kilbourn

"Dear Elizabeth, It has been terrific for Celia and a joy for us to see her bloom into the music and see music, also, bloom into her life."...Sally Ball

"Dear Elizabeth....With your help, I have been able to make regionals(both this year and last), do well on my chair tests and challenges, and perform well at flute festivals.  You were always very encouraging and helped me not only prepare the music, but prepare mentally for whatever obstacles came my way...."  Lily Lowe

"Dear Mrs. Pickens, Thank you so much for helping me with my chair test music.  Because of your help I got FIRST chair!"...Jessie Mason

"Dear Mrs. Pickens...Thank you so much for teaching and really helping me with my flute.  Half of the reason why I enjoy my flute so much is because of you..." Amy Barton


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